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Charl Steenkamp
Core Fruit
We at Core Fruit have been involved with the DiPAR Export System since 2010. This system not only provides excellent functionality and controls for fruit exports and related processes, it is so advanced it already caters for future regulatory legislation. The system enables users to work very efficiently while maintaining tight control over inventory, costs, quality of fruit, customer performance and producer returns. DiPAR has an experienced and brilliant team who constantly enhance and improve the system to stay ahead of technological and industry changes. This system is one of the key contributors to the success of our business.
Jasper Willemstein
Capespan Continent
Meanwhile, we are working for more than one year with DiPAR for our fruit arrival inspections. During this period together we continuously build on a system which is ideal for us, your flexibility is highly appreciated. Beyond the fact that we have now the opportunity to inspect everywhere, we can create our own report templates, we can simply add new measurements etcetera, we have an insightful QC history with flexible, clear and orderly reports, the biggest advance compared with our old quality system is that we have an integration with Navision which allow us to import arrival data from Navision into DiPAR. Together with the function “Apply To” where we can apply captured information to other lines (pallets) of an arrival. Which in fact saves us a lot of time (because we don’t have to capture all pallets with same quality issues) and contributes to a complete and accurate report. Especially with the brand new feature “Apply To Update”, which gives us the opportunity (after we have done our inspection and we applied the captured line to all other lines in a specific arrival) to update a specific line and apply to update this updated line to all other lines from for example the same grower, size, pack etc etc. in this arrival. Which results in an even more accurate report where we can for example highlight an issue on a specific grower. Thank you all for your positive cooperation. In every respect our impression about DiPAR is very good! All the best
Iqbal Loonat
Capespan South Africa (PTY) LTD (CSSA) implemented DiPAR Export System at the beginning of the 2015 Stone season (October 2014) and subsequently rolled out the software to our Grape, Pome & Citrus Fruit Business Units (FBU’s). However, CSSA relationship with DiPAR started a few years prior when we rolled out DiPAR Mobile Quality Inspection system to our field support personnel. Following the success of the above implementations, CSSA commissioned DiPAR to implement their Dynamic Reporting Tool to serve internal and external online reporting requirements.
Eugene Punelli
Grapery Inc.
Through the Mobile component Grapery field crew are given real time access to their schedules with job description details, efficiency goals, and even packaging information during harvest. Field crews enter their employee list and periodic production updates. The process is user friendly. On the Web component Grapery staff maintains all of our field, budget and job data, anything from the name and description of a particular preharvest task to GPS locations of our various ranches. The combinations of these two data sources plays into DiPAR’s Dynamic Reporting Tool, enabling Grapery staff to pivot these data exactly how the user wants to see it. The Automating Reporting option allows us to distribute these reports exactly when we want to see them. At peak season we have over 40 tablets deployed in the field tracking production, time, and quality for over 750 labourers. DiPAR’s Labour Productivity System has allowed for the use to track our labour in real time and summarise our progress with reports tailored to each viewer.
Dan Coetzee
The system allows us to capture quality inspections, including pictures and barcode scanning, in the field with mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and to synchronise the data to a central database when required. The product provides both online and offline capabilities including offline authentication. The system assists us in capturing quality information electronically, reducing capturing time and allowing us to provide near real time quality information to our marketing department and partners. We are very satisfied with both the products and services provided by DiPAR Systems and can highly recommend them.
Altus Kirsten
Angon Fruit
Leaders in the Fruit Export Industry
Hanno Scholz
The Grape Company
A less obvious benefit of the software is the Fruit Export System user group. Through the group local users are finetuning and expanding the system, working together to produce a solution that fulfills all our needs while creating and industry standard application.
Riaan van Wyk
We have been a client of the DiPAR family since 1998, We have been fortunate enough to be involved with the development and testing of many of the DiPAR products in the marketing and packing of fruit. To date we have processed the export information of more than 85 million cartons of fruit to 40 different countries, with precise accuracy and to the benefit of our growers, pack houses and customers. We are committed customers of DiPAR!
Tinake de Klerk
Since using the DiPAR Mobile QC System, our time spent on single quality assessments have halved. This gives our personnel the opportunity to do so much more in less time. Our capability to convey good, accurate information back to our growers and suppliers on a daily basis, has ensured that we keep all the bases covered and complete our jobs more accurately.
Chris Petzer
Two A Day
DiPAR assisted us by bringing Two-a-Day and our shareholders closer together. Their mobile solutions have proofed to be of great value, increasing productivity and simplifying the user experience.
Jan Carel Kritzinger
DiPAR Quality Systems, are an innovative quality process inspired system, to meet your daily demands