Export System


The Export System manages the administration of a fresh produce marketing agent from product delivery through to producer payments. It fully caters for the various ‘flavours’ of fresh produce marketing, including consignment and fixed price trading; export and local sales; sea, air and land distribution. The system receives and processes data from the entire supply chain by communicating both with its own peripheral systems as well as with third party supply chain systems.



The Administration Module validates all data that enters the Export System from any source and in any format to ensure accurate data in the system.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

This module is used to upload electronic data from DiPAR peripheral systems or third party systems and interfaces with well-known accounting systems.

Clearing & Forwarding

Management of container bookings, cold chain data, logistical costing and export documentation

Supply Chain

This module gathers information about the content and movement of pallets from the time they are created through to their final destination (including claim management).

Fruit Accounting

This module handles all the basic perishable product Accounts Receivable/ Payable functionality and also caters for trust accounting.


The Planning Module balances Volume and Pricing supply and demand as well as generates and manages packing instructions.